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This Circuit Scribe Basic Kit gives users a hands-on way to discover the world of electronics. At its core is a rollerball pen filled with conductive silver ink, allowing you to literally draw a circuit on paper. You can then augment your circuit using any of the six included modules: a power-supplying battery adapter, an SPST switch that turns your circuit on and off, and more. Consolidate your knowledge with the workbook's lessons on electronics terms, and you're sure to be a certified tech expert in no time.
  • Draw circuits using a pen filled w/ conductive silver ink
  • Tinker w/ your circuits using 6 modules: battery adapter, LED light, etc.
  • Easily interact w/ circuits thanks to modules' simple & easy-to-use designs
  • Learn about basic electronics concepts: transistors, resistance, etc.
  • Easily trace circuit designs using the circuit stencil
  • Use the workbook’s lessons to expand your understanding of electronics

Details & Requirements

  • Pen ink conductivity: 0.5 to 10 Ohms/cm
  • Pen shelf life: 1 year (unopened)
  • Drawing capacity: 196 to 260 feet (60 to 80 meters)
  • Pen ink maximum current supported: 175 mA (on standard copy paper)
  • Pen ink maximum voltage: varies depending on distance of ground & high voltage (HV) trace
  • Bi-LED capacity: 1.8V (red LED), 2.5V (blue LED)
  • Circuit Scribe pen
  • Circuit stencil
  • Jumper sticker sheet
  • Workbook
  • Steel sheet
  • 6 modules:
    • 9V battery adapter w/ 9V battery
    • 2 bi-LED lights
    • SPST switch
    • NPN transistor
    • 2-Pin Adapter, including:
      • 10Ω resistor
      • 100Ω resistor
      • 1kΩ resistor
      • 10kΩ resistor
      • 100kΩ resistor
      • Photoresistor
      • 1uF capacitor
      • 100nF capacitor


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